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Updated: Jan 4

Starting in January 2023, BOOK + GIFT microblog will feature traditionally published debut picture book creators. Starting in January 2024, we will also include traditionally published debut novel-in-verse creators. (See below for Pop-Up Parties for non-debut creators).

Each month we will feature debuts with their BOOK + GIFT mashup. We will cross-promote BOOK + GIFT on social media such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. You are encouraged to share share share across your social media accounts to bring attention to these great pairings! Sign-up is now OPEN for 2024 debut picture book and novel-in-verse creators!!!!

My goal is to have books featured during their book birthday month or the month following. So, try to fill out the form at least one month prior to the pub date. If the gift doesn't follow the tips below, I may have to reach out to you so we can work together on finding a better gift match (which will take time). We want your BOOK + GIFT to shine!

Gift Tips:

  • My #1 tip. Choose gifts that have a similar/matching color scheme and overall vibe to your book cover. This makes all the difference with the visuals popping on social media. It also allows your book to be complimented by the gift instead of competing for attention visually. We are striving for: High Quality. Thoughtful. Curated. Typically the best gift products are simple, uncluttered, and preferably on a plain background.

  • Think beyond the stuffie/stuffed animal.

  • Choose gifts that when added to the price of the book total no more than $50 max. For example, a picture book that costs $20, would leave $30 for the cost of the gift. Many of the gifts I've chosen in the past are between $5-15. Try to keep the gift cost down as much as possible.

  • Make sure the age range of the gift matches the suggested age range for your book. We know picture books are everyone books. But, we need to focus on age for the purpose of marketing. For example, it would probably not be the best match to have a teether or bath toy for a baby with a super detailed non-fiction picture book for 8-10-year-olds.

  • Please prioritize small businesses when you can. No Am*zon. Search directly on your favorite independent gift/toy store website. My favorites are my local Dancing Bear Toys and Games and jaZams. Don't know any toy/gift stores? Google "Independent Toy Store near me" or in your state or area. Make sure they are legit.

  • Try not to be limiting. For example, earrings. Imagine as many children as possible being excited to receive this gift!

  • The gift could be an item from an illustration, a nod to the structure, theme, setting, or event in the book.

  • Try searches with various gift categories. So if my book features a lemon, I may search "lemon art/craft kit," "lemon science kit," "lemon building toys/blocks," "lemon play food/imaginative play," "lemon puzzle," "lemon fidgets," "lemon board games/card games."

  • Visit a local store in real life! Sometimes just browsing will inspire you!

  • Look at past examples of BOOK + GIFT for inspiration.



What about non-debut traditionally published picture book or novel-in-verse creators?

We will be adding non-debut picture book and novel-in-verse creators throughout the year in surprise POP-UP Parties. So, make sure you sign up for the mailing list for when these random opportunities POP UP throughout the year!

Google Form to join The Pop-Up Party for non-debut creators (This form will open when the Pop-Up Party is announced and close when the Pop-Up Party is full.)

By coming together, we can promote perfect BOOK + GIFT pairings even better than alone or just around the holidays. Let's create a place parents, grandparents, book lovers, and gift givers can look for great book and gift recommendations from picture book creators!


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