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The Katey Howes Edition

Updated: May 24

Katey Howes was an author, poet, and a kind member of the Kidlit community. Katey passed away recently before her latest book, The Reindeer Remainders: A Math Story with Plenty of Heart, will publish in June 2024. Please pre-order and/or library request this picture book as a way to honor her. Katey cleverly said the book is an "en-DEER-ing read aloud tackling division, prime numbers, and remainders. Bring math to storytime as woodland creatures struggle with being left out, and learn the most important lesson of all: including your friends."

I did not know Katey personally, only through my positive interactions with her on social media and through admiration for her books. I chose Woven of the World last year for the 2023 BOOK + GIFT picture book list. It was so lyrically lovely it made one of the few spots of my favorite books of the whole year. It's a devastating loss to lose someone so young, talented, and with so many more stories to tell. When we read someone's books, we become connected to them. Through her words and heart and imagination, we should all feel lucky we are connected with Katey.

That's why I wanted to do this special BOOK + GIFT post in honor of her. Katey herself said she was"passionate about raising kids who love to read, and about helping kids recognize that they are makers, inventors, and creators!" And she did. Her legacy lives on...

The Katey Howes BOOK + GIFT List

No one will be left out with a pack of pencils to share...and math problems to solve!

THE REINDEER REMAINDERS: A Math Story with Plenty of Heart! by Katey Howes and Marie Hermansson


"I see love in cards and cookies, flying flips, and sky-high hugs."

RISSY NO KISSIES by Katey Howes and Jess Engle


"Make a blueprint, make some more. Cover desk and wall and floor."

BE A MAKER by Katey Howes and Elizabet Vukovic


"I dreamed of them all winter long."

GRANDMOTHER THORN by Katey Howes and Rebecca Hahn


“Now the poem that you nurtured so long nurtures you.”

A POEM GROWS INSIDE YOU by Katey Howes and Heather Brockman Lee


"I do love electricity, but our greatest invention--the SUPER JUMPTASTIC ROCKET LAUNCHER Deluxe--runs on my favorite source of energy: MUDD POWER!"



"I listen, as I'm weaving, to the rhythm of the loom. I imagine skeins of history unfurled across the room..."

WOVEN OF THE WORLD by Katey Howes and Dinara Mirtalipova



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