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Harold the Iceberg Melts Down

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

This is a super special edition of BOOK + GIFT because it features one of my critique partners, Lisa Wyzlic! Lisa is naturally hilarious. I can tell you she is "off the page" funny in real life and "on the page" funny in her books like her debut, HAROLD THE ICEBERG MELTS DOWN.

Harold is an iceberg lettuce who is worried he is an actual iceberg melting. (Clever right?!) What I love about this punny book, besides everything, is the environmental theme mashed up with the mental health theme. Both are important and relevant for young readers. The back matter in the book features actionable items for climate change and anxiety-calming strategies.

And "lettuce talk" about illustrator Rebecca Syracuse's bold and whimsical art. Her anthropomorphic food friends are so fun and hip, I wish they were real and in my fridge. Um hello, cute fanny pack on a pepper!

HAROLD THE ICEBERG MELTS DOWN comes out on March 21, 2023, so preorder now! It is an Amazon Editors' pick for Best Books Ages 3-5 for March! And guess what, there's a sequel in the works for Spring 2024!

Lisa's Funny But critique group is sponsoring a BOOK + GIFT giveaway! Win a copy of HAROLD THE ICEBERG MELTS DOWN and an Egg Carton Little Fresh Veggie Garden Kit. Please go to my Twitter to enter the giveaway and Instagram for an extra chance at winning this incredible BOOK + GIFT duo!

Make your own fridge friends for Harold with this fresh veggie garden kit!

HAROLD THE ICEBERG MELTS DOWN by Lisa Wyzlic and Rebecca Syracuse

Buy at Brazos Bookstore for Free Signed Book Plate (see below for Preorder campaign info)


ICYMI If you are a 2023 debut creator the Google Form is open to be featured on BOOK + GIFT! No need to wait until your debut month, you can fill out the form now! April and May debuts please don't delay! I'm eager to celebrate you during your Book Birthday month! If you are a non-debut creator the Pop-Up Party Google Form is also open! (I will close the form when we have enough submissions for an entire BOOK + GIFT list. I'm searching for an additional 3 non-debut creators to finish out the first POP-UP Party! Whether you published one book in the past or many, I'm hoping you will join us!) More details about being featured on the BOOK + GIFT blog can be found HERE. And please sign-up for the BOOK + GIFT mailing list so you don't miss any news! YOU ARE A GIFT!

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