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The Planet We Call Home

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

I'm personally thrilled when I find other Kidlit Aimees. My first name twins are representing strong in the Kidlit world. Today we are featuring a debut by Aimee Isaac!

This book is a loving ode to Planet Earth. Told in a cumulative style similar to "This is the House That Jack Built," this lyrical book is perfect for budding environmentalists and all who love this third rock from the sun.

Please stop and give a clap or cheer for Aimee Isaac and Jaime Kim's book THE PLANET WE CALL HOME published by Philomel!

Aimee Isaac has generously offered to giveaway a copy of her book THE PLANET WE CALL HOME. Please go to Aimee Satterlee's Twitter to enter the giveaway and Instagram for an extra chance at winning this beautiful book!

"And these are the children who cherish the the ocean as vast as can be..."

THE PLANET WE CALL HOME by Aimee Isaac and Jaime Kim


ICYMI If you are a 2023 debut creator the Google Form is open to be featured on BOOK + GIFT! No need to wait until your debut month, you can fill out the form now! April and May debuts please don't delay! I'm eager to celebrate you during your Book Birthday month! If you are a non-debut creator the Pop-Up Party Google Form is also open! (I will close the form when we have enough submissions for an entire BOOK + GIFT list. I'm searching for an additional 3 non-debut creators to finish out the first POP-UP Party! Whether you published one book in the past or many, I'm hoping you will join us!) More details about being featured on the BOOK + GIFT blog can be found HERE. And please sign-up for the BOOK + GIFT mailing list so you don't miss any news! YOU ARE A GIFT!

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