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I SHIP: A Container Ship's Colossal Journey

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

With a unique point-of-view, rhythmic text, and delightful illustrations, I SHIP: A CONTAINER SHIP’S COLOSSAL JOURNEY by author Kelly Rice Schmitt and illustrator Jam Dong is floating into bookstores and everywhere books are sold tomorrow October 3, 2023 from Lerner Publishing Group (Millbrook Press)!

"Made of steel, / colossal, / strong, / I ship around the world.

Come aboard a massive container ship as it pulls into port, loads up with cargo, and heads out to the open ocean. The ship's voyage includes starry skies and stormy seas, swift currents and unforeseen delays. Through it all, the crew keeps working--with goods to keep the world going, they must carry on."

As a child, I don't think I had a global view of how goods are shipped from around the world. What better way to introduce and inform children about container shipping than from a colossal container ship itself?! Great for transportation units of learning in school and home that go beyond the boat!

Kelly has generously offered to giveaway a copy of I SHIP: A Container Ship's Colossal Journey! Please go to my X (Twitter) to enter the giveaway or Instagram for an extra chance at winning this lyrical and informative book!

“In port my work begins. Busy cranes lift from truck and train, mariners yank, containers clang”

I SHIP: A CONTAINER SHIP’S COLOSSAL JOURNEY by author Kelly Rice Schmitt and illustrator Jam Dong



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