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Our First Pop-Up Party!!!

It's time! Our very first BOOK + GIFT POP-UP Party! Woo hoo! Cue confetti!

What exactly is a POP-UP Party? Non-debut picture book creators share their beautiful books paired with the perfect matching gift. In this first party, we have some incredibly talented creators who celebrated their debut last year, a prolific author who is a New York Times Best-Seller, and a book that is on my all-time favorite picture books list! If you'd like to be a part of the next POP-UP Party OR are a 2023 debut creator, click here for more information on how to be featured on the BOOK + GIFT blog.

But wait, there's more! This POP-UP Party is a BOOK + GIFT GIVEAWAY EXTRAVAGANZA! There will be 7 winners--one for each of the 7 different giveaways! Read all the way to the bottom for Rafflecopter info! And now here we go, party people!!!

BOOK + GIFT POP-UP Party List #1

Outdoor explorers will see nature's treasures in kaleidoscopic new ways!

TO FIND TREASURE IN THE MOUNTAINS by Francine Rockey and Kendra Binney


"Then your mama, will come in wearing her sparkly dance shoes."

GET READY, MAMA! by Sharon Giltrow and Arielle Li


Learn all about the phases of the moon with these handcrafted wooden blocks.

MENDING THE MOON by Emma Pearl and Sara Ugolotti


"I am fierce. I am a board game warrior and tic-tac-toe champ."

BRAVE LIKE MOM by Monica Acker and Paran Kim


Paint your own sloths who, like Simon, love hugs, nature, and art!

SIMON THE HUGGER by Stacy B. Davids and Ana Sebastián


These smooth, holdable hearts will keep your best friend thinking about you when you're not together.

WHEN I'M WITH YOU by Pat Zietlow Miller and Eliza Wheeler


Oh Cricket! Cricket follows our bad-day girl all throughout her day and now you too can have your own cricket friend!

ODE TO A BAD DAY by Chelsea Lin Wallace and Hyewon Yum


Marjorie loves knitting cozy creations!

OLD FRIENDS by Margaret Aitken and Lenny Wen


Grow your own crystal Aspen tree and learn about Pando, one of the world's oldest and largest living things.

PANDO: A LIVING WONDER OF TREES by Kate Allen Fox and Turine Tran


"Your mama so sweet, she could be a bakery, all frosting, powdered sugar, and pastries."

YOUR MAMA by NoNieqa Ramos and Jacqueline Alcántara


As mentioned above, there are 7 giveaways running with this POP-UP Party:

  • Francine Rockey is donating a copy of TO FIND TREASURE IN THE MOUNTAINS.

  • Sharon Giltrow is donating a copy of GET READY, MAMA!

  • Monica Acker is donating a copy of BRAVE LIKE MOM.

  • Pat Zietlow Miller is donating a copy of WHEN I'M WITH YOU and a gift of carved stone hearts.

  • Chelsea Lin Wallace is donating a copy of ODE TO A BAD DAY.

  • Margaret Aitken is donating a copy of OLD FRIENDS.

  • Kate Allen Fox is donating a copy of PANDO: A LIVING WONDER OF TREES.

Please enter the Rafflecopter for a chance to win 1 of 7 giveaways (U.S. only) and boost ALL of these incredible creators!


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