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The Julie Fogliano Edition

Julie Fogliano is a lyrical legend. I adore her "kid-true" style of writing. It transports me back to childhood in ways that few can. In fact, I wrote Julie an email to tell her how she is one of my Kidlit idols but never sent it. (Why not? Imposter syndrome/shyness/anxiety...) So, this is my way to boldly proclaim to Julie and all of you just how happy I am that she writes. I believe her timeless voice will continue to be loved for generations. Thank you, Julie, for sharing your special gift with the world!

The Julie Fogliano BOOK + GIFT List

Draw with light on this special shirt to create a bold piece of glowing heart art.

ALL THE BEATING HEARTS by Julie Fogliano and Cátia Chien


"i don't care if you think my singing is funny or whether my frog drawing looks like a bunny..."

I DON'T CARE by Julie Fogliano, Molly Idle and Juana Martinez-Neal


"I think I know we are best friends because she LOVES strawberry ice cream and I HATE strawberry ice cream and we are still friends even then..."

MY BEST FRIEND by Julie Fogliano & Jillian Tamaki


"if you want to see a whale keep both eyes on the sea..."

IF YOU WANT TO SEE A WHALE by Julie Fogliano and Erin E. Stead


"...i ran into a dachshund named paul he was very much a sausage with paws and a nose poor paul..."

WHEN GREEN BECOMES TOMATOES by Julie Fogliano and Julie Morstad


"First you have brown, all around you have brown...then there are seeds..."

AND THEN IT'S SPRING by Julie Fogliano and Erin E. Stead


"...if i was a flower and you were a nose i'd call you sniff and you'd call me rose..."

IF I WAS THE SUNSHINE by Julie Fogliano and Loren Long


" yawn baby rest baby head on old dog chest..."

OLD DOG BABY BABY by Julie Fogliano and Chris Raschka


"...i'd like a big cake on my birthday with lots of chocolate on my birthday and lots of candles on my birthday 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6!"

WHEN'S MY BIRTHDAY by Julie Fogliano and Christian Robinson


"...and some honey for your tea..."

JUST IN CASE YOU WANT TO FLY by Julie Fogliano and Christian Robinson


"And maybe it likes it out there in the forest with the trees coming in where the roof used to go."

A HOUSE THAT ONCE WAS by Julie Fogliano and Lane Smith



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