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A Gift for Nai Nai

Updated: Jan 4

The sweetest and most heartwarming, cozy book for winter and year-round, A GIFT FOR NAI NAI by debut author-illustrator Kim-Hoa Ung is here from Feiwel and Friends!

"Lyn Lyn's beloved Nai Nai has a birthday party approaching! All Lyn Lyn wants to do is make a lucky hat for her very special grandma, but her crochet skills are not nearly as refined as Nai Nai's. So Lyn Lyn hatches a plan for the best crocheter she knows to help her make the perfect lucky hat for Nai Nai! Through perseverance and their special bond, Lyn Lyn comes to realize that the perfect gift for Nai Nai comes from within."

Everyone in the KidLit community who knows dear Kim-Hoa Ung will undoubtedly agree she is the sweetest and kindest person. And her book is as huggable as they come! The surprise plan that the charming little girl Lyn Lyn devises to get help crocheting this present is so adorable! (I will not spoil it for those who haven't read it yet!) I loved seeing it all unfold as a reader and kids will too. It is a feel-good book sprinkled with sweet words and soft, gentle illustrations. Ah! My heart! Go read this delightful book! Get your grandma a copy or your grandchildren or all the kiddos!

“Always remember that small things become great when done with love.”



Here are the individual materials needed:

You are probably wondering what Nai Nai's hat looks like...oh my goodness...spoiler is darling! The fluffy pom poms and that precious heart detail! I want one for myself!

The back matter has step-by-step directions to crochet Nai Nai's hat! Plus, Kim-Hoa has video tutorials on her website and YouTube to help beginners with the process. A true gift from a mega-talented crocheter and amigurumi artist with a gentle soul and a tender voice to support kids and anyone with this craft!


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