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I Am a Thundercloud

Relating big feelings through sounds, sensations, and colors of nature, I AM A THUNDERCLOUD by Leah Moser and Marie Hermansson will be published tomorrow, April 2, 2024, from Running Press Kids/Hachette!

In I AM A THUNDERCLOUD "a young child is having a bad day—they BOOM, ROAR, CRASH, and CRACKLE like an angry thundercloud. Tense body language, an inability to say the “right” words, the instinct to hide are like a brewing storm within the child. But like the sun breaking through, our protagonist processes big emotions by relaxing, asking for help, opening up, and pausing to permit themselves to breathe. This powerful picture book reminds us that having the ability to recognize how we are feeling not only increases our emotional intelligence and helps us process our own emotions, but it also allows us to recognize and empathize with others who are struggling with their emotions."

I AM A THUNDERCLOUD is the perfect addition to SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) libraries and calm-down corners in classrooms and at home. As a mom of 3 children who often have big feelings, I love how this book takes those confusing stormy days and makes them feel comfortable and lighter by giving kids agency and power even when they feel out of control. The main character uses mindfulness strategies such as breathing to calm the storm they feel inside. And the art in I AM A THUNDERCLOUD is dreamy and beautiful with the perfect calming color palette.

Use these colors to show how you're feeling inside. Angry like a thundercloud? Bright like a rainbow?

I AM A THUNDERCLOUD by Leah Moser and Marie Hermansson


Leah has generously offered to giveaway a copy of I AM A THUNDERCLOUD AND this Rainbow 3D Coloring Set! Please go to my X (Twitter) to enter the giveaway and Instagram for an extra chance at winning this BOOK + GIFT combo!



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