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Love Grows Here

An important book with a beautiful message, LOVE GROWS HERE, has sprouted on bookshelves everywhere from author Chloe Ito Ward, illustrator Violet Kim, and publisher Albert Whitman & Company!

"After a racist encounter, an Asian American girl decides to fight hate by spreading love.

Aiko learns that Japanese Americans were once put in prison camps in her own country―the US―and that there are still some people who don't like her, for no reason. But Aiko also learns that people respond to acts of kindness."

Chloe is one of my critique partners and I can tell you one of her strengths is weaving beautiful, lyrical language into her writing. And Love Grows Here has that from the first sentence! "Flounders fly and fishmongers sing..." is a beautiful way to describe an outdoor market. This book truly shows how love can grow from a simple act of kindness! There's also an important history of internment camps included in gentle, kid-friendly language. Plus, there's a deep personal connection revealed in the author's note that is heartbreaking but also hopeful. And Violet Kim's illustrations are sweet, colorful, and inviting. I especially adore the beautiful, illustrated glossary of Japanese terms used in the story! LOVE GROWS HERE is perfect for elementary classrooms, libraries, and home to build empathy, understanding and compassion!

Create paper flowers to give to others like Aiko and make love grow!

LOVE GROWS HERE by Chloe Ito Ward and Violet Kim


Chloe has generously offered to give away a copy of LOVE GROWS HERE! Please go to my X (Twitter) to enter the giveaway and Instagram for an extra chance at winning this beautiful and important BOOK!



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