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The Shinsuke Yoshitake Edition

Witty, hilarious, kid-relatable, and sometimes a bit naughty, Shinsuke Yoshitake's books might be unlike any picture book you've ever read. They were originally published in Japan but translated to English and picked up by U.S. publishers such as Chronicle Books and Abrams Books for Young Readers. And today is your lucky day because Yoshitake's hilarious hardcover picture book I CAN EXPLAIN (the one with a kid picking their nose on the cover and a little boy dancing around naked after a bath on a page inside) is only $3.03 on that big online retailer that starts with an A and ends with -zon.

Hold up. Not so fast say a few reviewers calling Yoshitake books: "weird" with "annoyingly frenetic energy." And "The randomness...almost enough to give the reader whiplash." Or another doozy: "This book is awful. It is not a kids' book, it's barely even a book."

To all of this, I will say in the wise words of Taylor Swift, "You need to calm down." Look. These books may not be for you. But that's what I LOVE. Books that push boundaries. Yoshitake books are different. Unique. Odd. Quirky. They surprise and smack you in the head. They remind you what it's like being a child when a rubber band and an imagination are all you need for a good time. So, to those few reviewers who don't get it, I stick out my tongue like I'm 4 and blow a raspberry, "thbbft!"

The Shinsuke Yoshitake BOOK + GIFT List

"What if I were stuffed into a big donut? That sounds like fun...but after being in there for a while...I'd probably be bored."

THE BORING BOOK by Shinsuke Yoshitake


"When the time comes, I'll save the world with this rubber band."

I WON'T GIVE UP MY RUBBER BAND by Shinsuke Yoshitake


"Here. Hold one of these cookies in front of my face."

I CAN OPEN IT FOR YOU by Shinsuke Yoshitake


"I tried and tried to get my shirt off. But I was stuck."

STILL STUCK by Shinsuke Yoshitake


"There are more ways to make an egg than that!"

THERE MUST BE MORE THAN THAT! by Shinsuke Yoshitake


"Next, what is this?"

I CAN BE ANYTHING by Shinsuke Yoshitake


"Maybe if I just had an explanation, it would be okay for me to pick my nose."

I CAN EXPLAIN by Shinsuke Yoshitake




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I've had a lot of interest from creators who either missed being featured on BOOK + GIFT during their debut year or who have multiple books under their belt wanting to be featured on BOOK + GIFT this year. Yes! Come join the party, I say! A BOOK + GIFT POP-UP Party!

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