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It's Chinese New Year, Curious George!

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

I guess you could say my writing career started in first grade when I wrote Curious George Goes Skiing. I LOVED Curious George and they say "write what you know"...but I knew nothing about skiing. Ha! Flash forward to the first edition of BOOK + GIFT blog in 2023...we are celebrating one special book birthday with one of my favorite characters! Be still my first grade heart!

I'm especially pleased to present Maria Wen Adcock's debut book IT'S CHINESE NEW YEAR, CURIOUS GEORGE! Maria has generously offered a giveaway that includes 2 gifts and a signed copy of her book! A pack of 5 "GOOD HEALTH" & Pack of 5 "LONG LIFE" Lucky Money Red Envelopes for Chinese New Year (no money included). And an 8-inch Pink Chinese Paper Lantern. Just in time for Chinese New Year which begins on January 22nd and lasts for 15 days! Please go to my Twitter and Instagram to enter the giveaway!

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Curious George and his friend Mei as they learn about traditions such as Lucky Money Red Envelopes and the Lantern Festival.




If you are a 2023 debut creator the Google Form is open to be featured on BOOK + GIFT! No need to wait until your debut month, you can fill out the form now!

If you are a non-debut creator the Pop-Up Party Google Form is also open! (I will close the form when we have enough submissions for an entire BOOK + GIFT list.)

More details about being featured on the BOOK + GIFT blog can be found HERE.

And please sign-up for the BOOK + GIFT mailing list so you don't miss any news!


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1 Comment

Maria Wen Adcock
Maria Wen Adcock
Jan 20, 2023

Thank you for writing this post about my new book!

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