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The Fan Brothers Edition

The Fan Brothers have been on BOOK + GIFT twice before. Clearly, I adore them. Their books are masterpieces. The writing! The art! Swoon! Intricate yet accessible. Imaginative yet grounded. I get lost in their quirky and sophisticated world when I read their books. They are MUST. BUY. BOOKS. EVERY. TIME. And here's the other thing about The Fan Brothers--not only are they ridiculously talented, but they are also super kind. It is time they receive their own edition of BOOK + GIFT.

The Fan Brothers BOOK + GIFT List

"Each day William discovered a new topiary. Next was a friendly rabbit, followed by a pretty parakeet...and then a playful elephant."

THE NIGHT GARDENER by The Fan Brothers


Shine light in the darkest dark with a photo flashlight you can shine space photos or your own photos!

THE DARKEST DARK by Chris Hadfield and The Fan Brothers


Explore the "wide world" on this animal crew adventure and on this World's Animals puzzle map.

THE ANTLERED SHIP by Dashka Slater and The Fan Brothers


"And they will peep and perch and play and make him happy every day. And as the seasons come and go, they will love their dear Scarecrow."

THE SCARECROW by Beth Ferry and The Fan Brothers


"The lab was where they made Perfect Pets. Except Barnabus wasn't quite perfect."



"Badger wants a sandwich."

NIGHT LUNCH by Eric Fan and Dena Seiferling


"It fell from the sky on a Thursday...Everyone agreed it was the most amazing thing they had ever seen."

IT FELL FROM THE SKY by The Fan Brothers


With Lizzy’s boots, you may be able to find your own pet cloud.

LIZZY AND THE CLOUD by The Fan Brothers


"It's a good day for sailing" or perhaps building a boat in a bottle!

OCEAN MEETS SKY by The Fan Brothers


Boat in a Bottle Kit


If you are a 2023 debut creator the Google Form is open to be featured on BOOK + GIFT! No need to wait until your debut month, you can fill out the form now! August, September or October debuts please don't delay! I'm eager to celebrate you during your Book Birthday month! More details about being featured on the BOOK + GIFT blog can be found HERE. And please sign-up for the BOOK + GIFT mailing list so you don't miss any news!


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